These are sweet little necklaces!  They are completely handmade by me.  The faces are knit fabric gently needle sculpted, with tiny black bead eyes.  The fronts are either beaded or decorated with French knots.

The backs are needle felted with high quality wool and embroidered.  The cord is twisted floss or pearl cotton.  The antenna are glass beads.

The length of the cord is 13"on the blue moon and stars necklace and slips over the head.  

NOTE:  The beads on the antenna are GENUINE STERLING SILVER and they will tarnish.  If the necklace is stored in a plastic bag they will not tarnish as quickly.  To clean use a TINY, TINY amount of silver polish on a Q-tip, rub and then GENTLY rub off with a clean end of a Q-TIP.

This necklace has to be shipped in a box, so as not to crush the antenna.

Statement Necklace, Bug necklace, blue moon and stars


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