OOAK doll, cloth art doll


This is Maria Lisette. This is Maria's first Mardi gras and she is so excited to go. Her only goal is to find and meet King Bacchus, the God of wine and cheer.


Her specs: She's approximately 14 inches tall, and made completely of deer suede cloth. Her face is completely hand-painted by me. Features were needles sculpted as were her breasts and her hands.


Her clothes are cotton fabrics. Her ties are all silk ribbons and there are pink dyed pearls hanging from the ribbons. Her neck ribbon has a genuine amethyst bead as does her bodice.


Her shoes are ultra suede and each has a genuine amethyst bead attached.


Her mask is made from fantasy film that has glass glitter attached and has been finished with gallery glass and has a genuine rooster feather in the top with a pearl.


Her hair is Tibetan lamb that has been made into a wig and then glued to her head.


She has a metal ring in the back to hang her on the wall.

OOAK doll, Mardi gras doll


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