One man is good, the other, evil, yet both are the same man…


Inspired by the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson and wonderful music of Frank Wildhorn , this is my humble interpretation of the classic struggle of good versus evil.


I loved doing this piece and worked on it for several months, hoping to capture the essence of each figure.




Ø    Dolls are approximately 18” tall

Ø    Both made from Windsor knit doll fabric

Ø    Jekyll’s face is fabric with Artistique eyes and applied lids

Ø    Hyde’s face is polymer clay

Ø    Hair on both is mohair

Ø    Shirts are silk; pants are linen

Ø    Both are anatomically correct


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are sold as a set. 

These dolls are meant for a collector or a decoration. They are NOT A TOY!  

The dolls MUST be shipped in two different boxes, so the shipping price is a bit more.

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