NOTE - The prices start at 45 - just bring down the price menu for the price and addional features you would like, it will automatically total it.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER and may take  up to 3-4 weeks to complete.  Price is depending on design.  I am forced to enter a price amount for the ADD TO CART.  Sorry still working out bugs here  If you would like something more intricate, just contact me and we can work out a price. 


These dolls are  approximately 11 1/2" tall and completely hand made and designed by me from an original pattern.
Dolls are made from knit fabrics(for her face, her body arms and legs are made of beautiful  batik handdyed fabrics. Her skirt, neck piece and wings are made from wool felt. Her face is hand drawn. She is embellished with a combination of embroidery, glass beads and swarovski crystals. She has a hanging thread so you can hang her up!
Her hair is either mohair or viscose and needle felted to her head.  Wings will contrast/match her body

** Pricing examples: $45 doll would be the bottom 2 pictures; $50 would be the green fairy; $60 would be Autumn/Brown fairy and $60+ would be the pink fairy.  Feel free to please ask any question prior to ordering. 

Custom OOAK Fairy Doll

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