Handmade Handbag, Cross body bag, small purse, small handbag, Rainbow Pride


A great little bag when you just want to carry a couple of credit cards, a small amount of cash, a tiny nano, a pen. Anything small when you don't want a giant purse to carry.  to the movies, the mall, or a craft show.


TGhe rainbow is indiviually cut pieces sewn to fabric, then the whole purse is put together by hand and machine.  The lining is a gorgeous rainbow fabric and teh flap closes with a hook & loop fastener. It measures approximately 3 x 5" with a nice extra long 60" strap that will go across your body. 

This bag is completely hand-embroidered by me and machine and hand sewn together.


#purse #smallhandbag #minipurse #rainbow #lgbt 

Handmade Handbag, Cross body bag, Rainbow Pride


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