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The Beggar

It is a bit past ten ‘til midnight, and Rachel Crawsley lies next to a pile of trash in a dark, dank alley.
Her breath is now a rattle in her chest and she knows in her heart it will be over soon. She breathes one last quavering breath and death takes her.

She wanders alone, knowing she is dead, dressed only in the rags she wore in life, begging on the shores of the River, behind a fence that she cannot move past. For she has no coin, her only possession a broken timepiece of no value. 

So she begs, hoping someone will be generous with a coin. One coin is all she needs for the Ferryman, one coin to pay her way across the River.

So now for Rachel, she died as she lived…begging. Doomed to pander along the great River. Begging for a coin to ferry her to the other side.

Here are Rachel’s Credentials:
She is 18” from the base to the top of her head
She is entirely made of white doesuede that was dyed by me to her skin a mottled gray look.
Her eyes are resin eyes hand made by Dreaming Tree Studio (Thank you!) Her eye lids are applied with cement as well as her lashes. Check our Dreaming Tree Studio here on Etsy

Rachel is wearing an old black sweater (recycled knit) and her skirt is silk that has been artfully burned.
Her boots are wool felt that have been painted and torn to look stained, old and used – all hand done by me  Rachel’s legs have copper tubing in them so she can be fixed onto her base. She can come off the base for shipping ease.
She is wrapped in silk gauze that I dyed to give it a “dead” dirty look. Her shawl is also silk gauze of a finer weave.
Rachel’s nails are done with a process of drawing the nails onto the finger and then layering with several coats of lacquer
Her timepiece is from a bag of watch parts given to me by a jeweler
Her little button on her shawl is made from Aves Apoxy Sculpt

The Base:

Rachel’s base is mahogany, painted, then sprayed with stone paint spray. Pieces of wire for the fence were also sprayed and left ragged (NOTE: I have sanded down the wire edges, but they are still a bit sharp – please use care)
The base has been scattered with pieces of dirt, gravel and sand and then lightly sprayed with varnish to keep things in place. Pieces of sand may come loose, that would be normal. The wires go into the copper tubing in Rachel’s legs.
A copy of Rachel’s story will come along with her.
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Please do not use any part of Rachel’s story without express permission of Mountain Dolls ‘n Things.
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