Is she a bunny girl a rabbit fairy?? She is truly one of a kind.One of a kind Art doll fairy made with bunny fabric and purple striped cotton.


This fairy measures 11" and is completely handmade by me. She is made with all cotton fabrics. Her wings are wool felt and embellished with genuine agate beads and glass seed beads. Antenna and her hanging beads are all Stone beads and glass seed beads.


he has a hanging ribbon with a sea glass bead at the top. Her hair is acrylic yarn as well as her tail. Her ears are will felt and wired they can be gently moved. Her face is painted with several layers of acrylic paints, sanded and sprayed with finishing sprays. Then her features are hand drawn, and then painted with a finish.  Her Whiskers are floss that has been coated with a finish, and she has a tiny felt nose :)



Bunny doll, fairy doll


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