This cloth fairy ballerina doll does not have a name yet so when you take her home you will be able to give her whatever name you wish.She is just 12 inches tall from the bottom of her base to the top of her head. She is completely handmade her body arms and legs and head are made from a doll net fabric. Her face is hand painted. Her bodice is cotton velvet her skirt is silk. Her hair is mohair. Her wings are made from a fusible fantasy film and coded with a shiny finish and glass glitter.  Her ballet shoes are painted on and tied with thread. She has an oak base that has been wood burned to look like theater boards and finished with a shiny finish.Her stand has a felt-covered wire that she hangs from.


A note about care:  This doll is for display and should be handled as little as possible, as the silks will fray the more they are handled.  If she will not be displayed for a bit, keep her covered, standing, so keep the dust off.  If she gets dusty, a light feather duster or canned air will clean her off.  KEEP HER OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT, as ALL fabrics will fade wiith time and the elements.

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