Why We Need Art and Music Part 1

Why we need art and music part 1

I was never an artist... As a child, the best present I could EVER be given was a box of crayons, you know the BIG one 64 colors, BLISS.  I did not put too much thought in to that, isn't that what EVERY kid wants?  I thought so. Growing up in the 70's,  girls and women were secretaries, teachers, nurses or mothers.  In my world anyway.  This is NOT a complaint about the way I was raised, or my mother or women in general :) This is just my interpretation. My mother was an amazing artist, went to art school and played classical piano, but opted to be a GREAT mother to 5 children.  She went to nursing school at age 50, just because she wanted something of her own.  Amazing woman!  I went to college to be a secretary to make my father happy.  I hated school and it just was not what I wanted.  But I got through it somehow and became a receptionist/secretary for a lawfrim.  I loved it for 15 years!  I was actually good at it. When I gave birth to my daughter, it was like the heavens opened and I had a revalation!  I loved being a mom and that seemed to be my purpose.  When I had my son, I took my pension early, left the workplace - for better or worse - and raised my children.  Seeing as they are the most amazing people, I feel secure that I did the right thing.  At least I hope they think so.  They are the ones that matter. Along the way, I discovered sewing, as my daughter wanted doll clothes and costumes, ok that's what we do!  I didn't just like doing that I LOVED doing that.  I taught myself all of it, with some help from a wonderful woman who owned a fabric store!  Of course I discovered QUILTING at the fabric store, and if any of you quilt, you know the obsession never leaves and you truly can never have too much fabric!! Somewhere is all this sewing, I discovered dollmaking.  The connections between dolls and fabric and quilts just seemed natural.  Of course the natural progression from that is someone saying, "I'll bet people would buy that, gee, you should sell those!" As the last 25 have passed, I have made countless dolls, which in turn after dolls seemed to die off, went to all manner of fiber art.  The old saying of if I knew what people would buy, it is all I would ever make, still holds.  Clearly I have no idea what people will buy. As an artist, and I still say that tentatively, I make what I LOVE.  I create what I hope will make people happy.  That is the subject of this, that ART should make you smile, make you think, and should be made available to anyone who would like it. Do to HAVE to have a small ornament to brighten up a space?  No, but why not.  If it makes you happy, then you should.  Why is art considered a luxury?  I would think that making one happy is more of a necessity, like food and water :)  Do I say that because I want to sell my art?  The honest answer is sure, I want to sell my art.  I also buy art, and handmade from several artists.  I would much rather buy a gift from a handmade artist than say Walmart or the Christmas Tree Shop.  Can you buy a Santa cheaper than you can from me.  Of course.  I don't use cheap materials and a hot glue gun to put things together in an assembly line.  This is not snobbery, this is just not what I do.  If you can't afford something of mine - ASK ME. I do custom work.  I am a human, talk to me, tell me your budget.  I would rather you have a nice piece of art that you feel good about and can tell your friends and family about.  Alas some people just need to say that got that great bargain, as opposed to look at this sweet piece of art.  There will always be people like that, and nothing we, as artists, can do about that. Many artists are actually trying to make a living from their art.  I jokingly say, wow I would starve.  I am not so bold as to say I would even attempt to have this as my only job - that is a dream that is shared with winning the lottery!  However, to know that someone has a piece of my art, not because they felt compelled to buy just to buy, but were compelled to buy because they loved it.  Or it spoke to them, or they had a friend who would love it.  Sometimes when doing a art/craft show the demand is different.  People are there to buy, so you really want them to BUY YOUR GOODS!  That is paramount.  All the work you put into setting up, lugging your stuff, freezing, roasting.  Selling online from a website is different.  You could actually make search engine optimization a full-time job.  Getting found online is not for sissies for sure.  It changes constantly and I never seem to know what people are looking for haha. I make the things I make because they make me happy and craft as therapy is a definite thing!  Not sure where I would be without "my work".  I say "work" because that word denotes receiving payment for such.  Some days I do and most I don't, but I keep hoping - everyday. That brings me back around to NEEDING art.  Do we really NEED art?  In my opinion, a resounding YES, yes we do.

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