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Thank you for joining me. As this is my very first blog post here on Wix, I thought I would show you what I am working on. As I am always working on something, I find it difficult to always share a WIP (work in progress) I just figure hey, it will be listed in a couple of days, so why bother to post something that is not done.

I think many people have varying views on a #WIP. Some people, like me sometimes, are just busy and need to get on with it. There are others who don't like to spend they're hard earned cash on something, if they don't know what's involved in the process. I think it's ok either way. If anyone ever wants to know or see how I do something, feel free to ask.

So since this is my first post, I will post something simple. I though I would make some little #crossbody #bags. I am doing a craft show next month, and I know so many people don't want to have to carry a large purse - I know I don't! While the idea of a cross body bag #purse is certainly not new, I like to think mine are fun and unique. Here is a finished one I made for myself:

What the inside of the bag looks like and gives you an idea of size. They are approximately 3x5 and have a long strap to go across the body.

The one I made for myself was just a tester really to see proper measurements and how it would go together. I am a very visual person and seeing how something is going to turn out is great. That being said, I almost never do that haha. I never, ever like to waste any fabric or anything else. I think that comes from quilting for many years with little or no money, so every little piece was used, and hey isn't that the idea of quilting?? But that's another blog for another day :)

No the one I want to sell I thought should have a bit more pizazz! I love color, hence the pizazz! :) I also love animals and flowers, so whenever I can combine lots of color, animals & #flowers, I am happy! This one will be the first one listed - when it's done of course :) It's all wool felt with cotton fabric for the lining and a hook-and-loop fastener (we're not allowed to use the "V" word ;)) I have a dog and he will get his own blog post for sure, but I thought since my son is getting an orange #kitten this week, a #cat #kitty purse is in order.

Kitty sitting in the garden and anyone who has a cat knows they LOVE to do that

You can just sit a bit of the inside color of the purse. A great hand-dyed batik

These bags have a hook-and-loop fastener, and will fit some credit cards and a small wad of cash! We know craft show people LOVE cash. I am finding though that it is quite easy to accept credit cards at a craft show. I use the #Square and it works great!

So if you have stayed with me this long, I thank you and I hope to post more WIPs very soon.

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