I LOVE Color! So Color My World.

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

That song by Chicago was always one of my favs :)

If you look at my avatar, it is very clear that I love color. Bright color - ALL THE TIME. Some of my favorite pieces that I have made are rainbow themed pieces.

#rainbows #butterfly
Rainbow butterfly. One of my very fav all time mug rugs

#rainbow #flowers #coffeelovers
This is recent, I loved making this - the flowers are all wool. I still have some left, just message me for a custom mugrug :)

Do you think I like pieces with LOTS and LOTS of color? Oh yes I do, just keep going :)

#unicorns #rainbows
Everyone loves unicorns - This is made to order. DO you NEED a unicorn? Just send me a message

#easter #easterbunny
Even Pastel-y Easter can have nice bright colors

#rainbowpride #lgbt
Rainbow love :)

#ooakdoll #dollornament
She's my avatar :)

Ok, got the picture? Seeing a pattern??

My latest garland is a baby garland, which you can see here And here...

When researching crazy SEO tags and descriptions and what-not, I Googled baby's room decor. From literally hundreds and hundreds of images, maybe there were 3 or 4 images that were not gray, beige, ecru or white. Even the palest yellow was noticeably absent!

Just gray, gray, gray. Beige, beige, beige.

Mind you, I actually love gray, I make a ton of things in gray. Why? Because they photograph well! I admit it, that's why I make things in grey. Black too.

Seriously though, does no one want babies to see color. Ok I know I know supposedly they don't even see in color for however length of time. I love bright and exciting colors and I will continue to love them, even if they are not in vogue!

I used to work in a quilt store and many shall we say more age advanced ladies would come in wanting help to match colors with their quilts. Of course I am that age now haha - oh TIME you do have a sense of irony :) Some of the women would look at