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Fiber Art, Embroidery Art, OOAK Dolls, Mug Rugs

Mountain Dolls, offering one of a kind "OOAK" ART DOLLS, Greeting Cards, Embroidery Art,  Mug Rugs or Coffee Coasters and WALL ART for Home Decor.

Welcome to Mountain Dolls, I am glad you could make it.  For the most current updates, use the icons above and follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Meet Janice Parrott, Owner and creator of Mountain Dolls


I live in upstate New York and have been making dolls for over 30 years. I started by making doll clothes for my beautiful daughter, Aly, and it just morphed into dollmaking. It seemed a natural progression. My very first love into the artistic world was quilting. Planning quilts for me is still one of the things I like best. I worked in a small fabric store for several years until she closed :( My severe obsession with fabric, however remained with me. 

To me manipulating fabric into something it was never meant for is a decided challenge. To capture motion where there is none in a stationary object always fascinates me. 
Another challenge for me was making custom dolls, I have made several over the years. People call them portrait dolls, but I think of them as only the essence of a person. The dolls are not meant to be a replica just an idea of what the person is about. I love research and to research what a person is about is truly what I like best. One time a friend wanted me to make a doll for another friend who was a golfer. I know absolutely nothing about golfing! The challenge was to study how people look holding a club, how they dress (the golf shoes - WOW!) I have had many intricate dolls like that to make and with each new commission the excitement was there to find just the right thing to make the person somewhat recognizable.

  All of the dolls I make are one of a kind, and usually take many days or even weeks to compete.  I like to think I am very meticulous with details, which are my favorite parts of dollmaking :)  I can do custom dolls, and I will accept a $35  NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. I give you all the specs & measurements, including finished price,  prior to starting the doll, and if you are in agreement, will start and also give you a completion date.


I was making what I thought would turn into a baby doll and all of a sudden, she became a little girl, who became Lacie. Lacie and Sandie and all of the characters in my books are part of me and my life on our little piece of the Helderberg Mountains. It is a wonderful area, with animals and beautiful flowers and fields. I love it here, it keeps me creative.  My first published book is available in print and for your Kindle.  LACIE AND THE GOOSE

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Delivery & Shipping

Generally I ship in stock items within one day.  Unless it is a MADE TO ORDER piece.  I will give you a delivery date when the order is placed.    I have tried to keep all of my shipping rates as low as I can.  At this time, WIX does not allow for shipping combo prices.  If you have any doubt as to the shipping when ordering multiple items, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I usually will answer within a few minutes. 
A note about INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - I will ship Internationally to EVERYWHERE.  However, YOUR TAXES and fees are UP TO YOU.  I cannot and will not lower my custom value amount, so please do NOT ask.  That is mail fraud and I will not do that.
Thank you.


Regarding Refunds - Generally I do NOT accept refunds, as I think art is subjective.  However, I do not want you to have a piece of art of mine that you do like.  If you have a problem or question with something you have received, please contact me ASAP.  I am pretty reasonable and always will want to work something out with a customer.

I will accept payments with a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.  Depending on the item, monthly payments of $50 would be acceptable.  Terms to be agreed upon.

Note about fiber art:  All fabrics and fibers have different dye lots and pictures and actual colors may vary slightly.  
Everything in my shop is made BY ME with my own hands.  I  work many hours on everything from the smallest notecard to the largest doll.  If you have questions or concerns,  please ask I promise to answer right away and honestly.
Thank you.

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